McLaren Releases Second, More Telling, P12 sketch. UPDATE: Now with Video


McLaren Automotive just released a second “swirly blue light” image.

This time they threw in red and a whole lot more details.  You can clearly see the roof scoop, lightweight wheels, and nearly the entire side of the car.  We’re still desperately looking for a view of that, rumored to be, phenomenal ass.  Perhaps we’ll see it in the next “swirly blue light” image with red and green thrown in.

I’m happy to see that our “bespoke” sketching from Mark Antar isn’t very far.  Be sure to check out our article on how we think this thing will perform.

click for higher resolution

UPDATE:  McLaren has just released a video titled McLaren vs Aerodynamics, giving us the best view of the P12 to date! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sketch added from Jalopnik member based off recent video.

-Gene Sanchez